About Us

What is State Exchange on Employment and Disability (SEED)?

SEED is a collaborative of state intermediary organizations working together to help state legislators ensure their state policies facilitate increased employment of people with disabilities. Specifically, SEED aims to ensure state-level legislation critical to employment—such as transportation and technology—is disability inclusive. To this end, SEED equips state legislators with timely data, sample policy language and technical assistance.

What are the ePolicyWorks Online Dialogues?

Launched by ODEP, ePolicyWorks is a Web-based approach to policymaking that engages citizens and stakeholders in new and innovative ways. The initiative leverages the latest technology to address barriers to employment for people with disabilities and fosters real-time collaboration and communication around key issues.

Participants in the ePolicyWorks initiative benefit from a variety of online tools and features to help them stay informed, build relationships and partner on important policy developments. One of these key features is the ePolicyWorks online dialogues. Brought to you through the use of leading-edge crowdsourcing tools, these online dialogues are interactive platforms of collaboration. They enable ODEP to work with their partners to enlist the public's input on key policy issues related to the employment of people with disabilities by channeling the brainpower of our federal partners, nonprofits, NGOs and other stakeholders. To learn more about past dialogues, visit the ePolicyWorks Online Dialogue Library.

How do I participate in this dialogue?

To participate in the SEED Online Dialogues, please click Register Now or Log In. If you have any questions or require any technical assistance please contact: ePolicyWorks@dol.gov.