Learn More about This Dialogue

Why is this dialogue taking place?

We are looking for ways to build upon the policy options provided in Work Matters, and are seeking to more systematically engage the disability/advocacy community, recognizing that they can potentially play a key role in advancing state policy and educating state policymakers. We seek to develop materials that will promote the adoption of inclusive state policy. The goal of this online dialogue is to provide the disability and advocacy community the opportunity to assist in expanding on the state policy options in the Work Matters report aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Why participate?

This is an opportunity to help shape state policy that is inclusive of people with disabilities. The SEED team has direct access to state policymakers and intermediary organizations that can advance inclusive policy options. We are looking forward to working with you and hope you will join us in this important effort.

Who should participate?

This online event is open to the general public and to anyone interested in joining the conversation. We strongly encourage individuals and national disability and advocacy organizations that have a presence at the state level to participate, especially individuals in these organizations that understand the important role that advocates can and should play in shaping state policy.

To begin participating in the online dialogue, return to the dialogue home page and register to vote or comment on the policy recommendations.